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SKP Thermal Energy has successfully completed several projects to the satisfaction of the clients. The followings
are the selected projects that showcase our experience and capabilities built over the years.

Client       : BP Amoco / OGPP Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
Project     :
BE-405 B DHT WWD Pre-heater
Year         :  2008


Client       :  Assab Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Project     :  Vacuum Furnace
Year         :  2008

Client       : Petronas Carigali / VME Process
Project     :  Kinabalu NAG / Fuel Gas Air Cooler
Materials :  Duplex c/w ALuminum Finned Tubes / SS316L Header Box
Pressure   :  Designed to 130 Barg
Year         :  2009

Client       : Petronas Carigali / Tanjung Offshore / IPS
Project     :  FWS Crude Heater for TOPAZ Fueld Development Project, Vietnam
Year         :  2009

Client       : Bluewater / Global Process System
Project     :  ENI-KITAN Field Development - Offshore Australia - Reflux Condenser & Glycol Cooler
Year         :  2010

Client       : Petronas Carigali / Global Process System
Project     :  kinabalu NAG - Reflux Condenser, Glycol Cooler & Overhead Vent Condenser
Year         :  2011
Completed Project
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