About The Company
The company has been established to serve the ever growing energy
industries by offering the cutting edge engineering services and
applications to the customers. Type of services and Products we actively
involved are the supplying of equipment with complete engineering for
Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessel to the petrochemical, power,
oleo-chemical and food processing industries.  Our vast experience in
these industries include all aspects of the deliverables in terms of
specification for the process design, strength calculation, materials,
detailing and fabrication for the
Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessel

Our Engineering Capabilities
We supply the heat transfer equipment of Shell & Tube and Air-Cooled
Heat Exchanger
with complete Thermal Process Design, Rating and
Evaluation in according to the acceptable heat transfer methodology &
industrial practices. All equipments supplied are mechanically engineered
to meet the local jurisdictional and customers' requirement by complying
with the internationally accepted codes and standards of
ASME Section
VIII, Div 1 & Div 2
, PD5500, EN 13445,  TEMA, API-661 and API-RP579 as

Benefit of Using Our Service
We use the reliable and proven thermal software of Aspen
HTFS-Tasc+(Shell & Tube)
and HTFS-Acol+ (Air-Cooled) for the process
calculation to accurately determine the
Heat Load and Heat Exchanger
. As for the mechanical design, we use the renowned Pressure Vessel
design software of the
PV Elite  to determine the required strength for the
Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessel. Hence, cost effectiveness and
optimized design of the
Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessel that are in
compliance to the required code and standards are assured. As a result,
customers will reduce project lead time and save capital expenditure
without compromising the product quality for the assets invested.
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